The Wild Adirondacks DVD

Price:  $17.95

The Wild Adirondacks –  A timeless Experience (DVD) by Carl Heilman II

From the drama of glorious sunrises and sunsets, panoramic mountain views and intricate details of sphagnum bogs, to the subtleties of the changing seasons, the highly acclaimed program, The Wild Adirondacks, communicates the essence of the Adirondack experience.

The Wild Adirondacks has been viewed by tens of thousands since its premiere showing at the grand opening of the Wild Center on July 4, 2006.  It is shown daily on the 12’ by 50’ screen of the Flammer Theater.  This awe-inspiring program features the photography of award-winning photographer, Carl Heilman II, who works with special panoramic equipment to capture 360-degree views of the Adirondacks.  His images are synchronized to a dynamic original soundtrack that was scored for this show by professional musician and composer, Lance Day.

This highly-acclaimed panoramic presentation has been re-mastered to a standard wide-screen format. Bonus features include a selection of images with location captions, a segment on the Wild Center, and additional music by Lance. This DVD is a great way to bring the dramatic impact of The Wild Adirondacks into your home.