The Adirondack Kids Series

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The adventures continue with the release of Book #14, Journey Into The Land of Make Believe!

A few summaries from our favorites in the series:

The Adirondack Kids
Justin Robert is ten years old and likes computers, biking and peanut butter cups. But his passion is animals. When an uncommon pair of Common Loons takes up residence on Fourth Lake near the family camp, he will do anything he can to protect them.

The Adirondack Kids #3 The Lost Lighthouse
Justin Robert, Jackie Salsberry, and Nick Barnes are fishing under sunny Adirondack skies when a sudden and violent storm chases them off Fourth Lake and into an unfamiliar forest- a forest that has Harbored a secret for more than 100 years.

The Adirondack Kids #8 Escape from Black bear Mountain
Justin Robert wants to climb all of the mountains near his family’s Fourth Lake camp before the summer is over. Jackie Salsberry can’t wait to join him. Nick Barnes would rather go fishing. Next on the list is Black Bear Mountain. An easy hike right? If only they had noticed the Trail Closed sign before they took off together.